October Writing Prompt – 20 – Dave

The Lonely Newt

The newt, squats on my back,
Do newts squat?
It sits and I feel its weight.
The newt so black.

The newt, sinks its teeth in
Do newts have teeth?
It scurries and I feel it scratch.
The newt so harsh

The newt, it kicks so hard.
Can newts kick?
It jumps and I feel it land.
The newt so bleak

The newt, it haunts my mind.
Can newts haunt?
It is present and I feel it always
The newt so grim

The newt, smoothers me now.
Can newts smoother?
It lays and I feel it stretch
This newt of despair

This nightmarish newt will always be; it will destroy me.


This follows the daily prompts for a ten minute write from Putting My Feet In The Dirt The idea is to use the prompt and write for ten minutes only. Which is what I did, prompted by the words Nightmarish Newts and blow me if effing poetry didn’t come out this time, that’s a first for me. Well, “poetry”.

My other stuff is over on the Dead Deer Blog

edit: Just realised that this was probably inspired by Toads by Larkin a bit

3 thoughts on “October Writing Prompt – 20 – Dave

  1. This is so exciting to me that you’re doing this! And your very first poem is great! 😉 If you go here, https://dailypost.wordpress.com/blogging-university/intro-poetry/
    WP has a beginners poetry class that they offer. I did this class 3 1/2 years ago and I loved the interaction on there with fellow bloggers. It was really a lot of fun so I wanted to tell you about it. Hope you’re having a great weekend, and keep on writing! 😉

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