October WP – 21 – Dave

The so-called magic hour of evening sun has faded and there is nothing left but the merest hint of light. It is dark, yet there is darker yet to come. At this point the small squat figures are still visible – just – as they shuffle around the trees. They are eerie yet unthreatening. Methodically they set about their tasks. To us their movements appear random but they are so definite, if unhurried, that surely must be some purpose.

Gathering, inspecting, organising; their work clearly is essential for them. As the light continues to fade there is an almost imperceptible increase in the intensity of the activity. Gradually faint murmurings are heard. These also increase both in volume and in urgency.

The shadows begin to fade as yet more light ekes away. The figures can barely be seen now, but there is a sense that they are moving more quickly.

Just in that slight wisp of a moment, when twilight becomes real dark there is a gradual but sudden silence, like a final breath – slow yet instant, breaking over what already appeared silent.

Their momentary lives are done again for the day, and they settle back to sleep.

This follows the daily prompts for a ten minute write from Putting My Feet In The Dirt The idea is to use the prompt and write for ten minutes only. Which is what I did, prompted by the words The Trolls Of Twlight.

My other stuff is over on the Dead Deer Blog

edit: this evening, some hours after writing this, I went to see The Ancient Woods. It looks like inspiration after the event, if that’s a thing


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