Curdling Cries – WP Oct 23 – Dave

Nurdling, hurdling, curdling,

Nutuering, hurteling, curterling,

Nueturing, huerteing, cutering,

Nattering, hattering, cattering,

Natterley, hatterley, catterley,

Naughtily, haughtily, caughtily,

Natuerley, hatuerely, caturely,

Naturally, haturally, caturally,

Naturey, hattery, cattery,

Natty, hatty, catty,

Nat, hat, cat

Nit, hit, cit,

Not, hot, cot,

Nut, hut, cut.


This follows the daily prompts for a ten minute write from Putting My Feet In The Dirt The idea is to use the prompt and write for ten minutes only. Which is what I did, prompted by the words Curdling Cries

My other stuff is over on the Dead Deer Blog

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