Oct 26th . A Ziglet of Zombies


It was a slow evening in the office.

The naming of things had pretty much come to an end. There would always be new things, of course, and someone would have to take responsibility for them when they arose, but as it was, things were pretty much named.

The only light was coming from the end of the of corridor. The two-person collective noun team were still working. That was just the way it was. Things were named first, obviously, then if they needed it, they were sent down the corridor to the collective noun team. To do their collective noun thing.

And now they were nearly done.

It was a creative job, collective nouns. Finding what fitted the thing, once it had been named. With a twist, if you could. A murder of crows. That one was talked about for weeks. A murder. Genius. If there had been awards for these things, a murder of crows would have walked away with it.

The trouble was, it almost came too soon. Shot their bolt, as it were. A shadow of jaguars was a good one, and with that one it looked like they were back on track, but an audience of squid was just lazy. And it didn’t make any sense. So it was with some relief that that this was probably the last night’s work of the collective noun department before they came back in tomorrow and packed it all up for the last time.

“Are we done?”

“We’re done.”

There was probably time for a beer, before the bars shut, which they did round here, still.

Then the phone rang.

“Collective nouns department.”



“Zombies! We haven’t got a collective noun for zombies. We need one. Now!”

Zombies. No, they’d not thought of zombies. With good reason.

The request was repeated through the receiver. They needed a collective noun for zombies, and they needed one now.

The style guide was against alliteration. But it was 10.30 on Friday night, the last Friday night, and the pub was waiting.

“Ziglet. A ziglet of zombies.”

He put down the receiver and turned off the lights.


Daily prompts  from Putting My Feet In The Dirt

A Ziglet of Zombies – 26th October

They will not die, they will not even lie down. It is one thing after another; they come at you, one after the other. Every day they are there, all the old ones and usually some new ones as well. Every day it is a fight to lay them to rest, to stand up to them and deal with them. Yet they never truly go away.

But how to deal with them? The biggest obstacle is not identifying them, that is easy. There they are huge and looming and unremitting right in front of you. There is no way around them, no way to avoid them. You try, you look the other way, but it makes no difference. If you stand up and stare them in the face or hide they still come, multiplying and growing. Their very weight seems to bear down on you, and with each new one, with each expansion, with each day it becomes harder to even begin to deal with the first one.

Some can be put off, and they just come shufflingly inexorably the next day. Others cannot and come crashing at you, destructive but also permanent. These undying unyielding unavoidable miseries frame your entire life, leaving you diminished and disenchanted. Eventually your life becomes nothing but a losing battle against them; or more likely a battle already lost as you curl up and wholly immobile give in to their demands for inaction.

Eventually you become as them, they subsume you and you join the ziglet of zombies.

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Daily prompts  from Putting My Feet In The Dirt Today I wrote from 14:42 to 14:52.

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