The Cobweb Cloaked Coven – 27th Oct

The coven met, fairly predictably, in a cave. The cave was, also predictably, deep in the woods, and it was predictably cavernous. At least the entrance was. A large scar in the wall of rock, narrowing as it reached high up the rock-face. The dark stone was wet and dank on the outside, often decorated by a deep green moss-like growth.

The immediate interior of the cave still maintained a dull light, and the roof was high. Not cathedral high but more like a nonconformist chapel; modest but impressive. It was equally unadorned, a few drips of water and occasional hanging tendrils of plant-life. These swayed gently in the small breeze that reached this far inside. It wouldn’t be too fanciful to liken these to corpses dangling down, if you were so inclined to think such morbid thoughts.

Penetrating deeper and the cave becomes low enough that it is required to stoop for even the average sized witch. And here it becomes especially ‘spooky’ in the vernacular of the day. It is pitch black, and it is no longer flora strewn around the walls and ceiling, but the mark of fauna. Spiders have been busy patiently building not houses but traps. The sheer mass of long lonely work gives a silvery glisten even in this gloom. The silence is complete, there is a sense that the very feet of the spiders are audible as they occasionally scurry across a web when they feel a tiny vibration indicating a potential supper.

Should one enter this final part of the cave it would be impossible to remain without a veil and shawl made from the fine lacy material produced by these remarkable, yet ignored and loathed creatures.

It is at the very far end of this deep menacing world that we encounter a somewhat disturbed coven, surrounding the body.

Daily prompts  from Putting My Feet In The Dirt Today I wrote from 16:03 to 16:13. I was prompted by the words The Cobweb Cloaked Coven

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