Clinky and Clanky – 29th October

A silent internal pinch of her brain was all she would allow herself when she heard. Then a slight nod and she turned and walked down the stairs to an oblivion all too known and all too real.

Led through the corridors, seemingly endless, on and on she was taken.

Her thoughts were calm. She was forcing this calm, all too aware that she had time, the only thing she had was time. So much time ahead of her to fill. And all she could fill it with were thoughts.

She was – would be for as long as she could imagine – lonely; she was scared; she was outraged.

All in vain, there was no hope, no turning back. All roads explored and all cul-de-sacs.

She faced her fate.

The chains around her limbs were heavy and noisy. She was inside the vehicle now moving rapidly, but still the only noise she registered was the clanking of the chains, of the wheels, of the axles, everything seemed to mirror the awful clanking of her chains.

Arriving she was led out, even the slightest movement caused her to clank, and all around was yet more clanking. It came from the big bunch of keys, from the door and above all from all the other chained people, hundreds of them all around her as she entered The Clink.

A half smile crossed her face fleetingly before it returned to the empty bleak stare she felt she and been wearing for years

Now I know, she had thought, now I know what it is to be in The Clink; to be ‘clinky’. It is clanky.

Daily prompts  from Putting My Feet In The Dirt Today I wrote from 08:16 to 08:26

My other stuff is over on the Dead Deer Blog

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