Clinky and Clanky 29th October

Clinky and Clanky were twin robots they did everything together like eating, sleeping and they even lived together. Until one day a toy  maker  came to the house and the owner sold Clanky to the toy maker. 10 years later they had not forgotten each other. Clinky had a much better life than Clanky he was fed well and got enough sleep but Clanky (the one sold to the toy maker) didn’t he was put on a shelf and forgotten.

About 10 years later they had got on with their lives and forgotten about each other until one day a girl walked into a toy shop and said “Can I have him please?” and bought him. When she got home she said “Grandfather, grandfather look what I got it looks exactly like yours.” Yep it was Clanky the twin’s eyes lit up because they were reunited.

The end

Daily prompts  from Putting My Feet In The Dirt Today I wrote from 08:16 to 08:26 and was prompted by the words Clinky and Clanky

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