The Brink of the Link

At the Brink of The Link

He had been making his way slowly all day. Anyone watching might have thought that he was stationary, so slow was his progress. The weather was that “inside a cloud” level of general Lakeland moistness that would probably show up as ‘95% humidity’ on the Met Office website, and although it wasn’t exactly raining, or even drizzling, there was no doubt that he had become absolutely sopping, wringing wet.

His equipment was top notch, reflecting hours spent over winter evenings checking YouTube reviews of different brands, all with the same arse-clenchingly annoying music behind them, as people with the charisma of a ‘salesman of the month from a very small region of the country for a very large retail chain’ talked through the pros and cons of different items, always addressing the viewer as ‘guys’, with that weird not-really-mid-Atlantic-but-what-do-you-call-bland-tv-americanisms voice, with ubiquitous Australian Question Intonation? At the end of the sentences?

Anyway, the gear was the best he could find. He always held out some hope that the promises of at least a small branch of capitalism might hold some water. Literally, in the case of his Goretex (TM) jacket. And yet, with the effort that he had put into the morning’s ascent, sweat had poured from him and filled the jacket, condensing and running back down his sleeves to soak his technical under-layers. Wick as they might, wicketty-woo as they were, they were drenched. But now, he had another problem.

The sweat was pouring from him in torrents, and he was clinging from his fingertips at full extension, his feet similarly on a tiny ledge below him. His harness should theoretically keep him safe, as his line was clipped through a piece of safety off to the left, but he had been unable to make any further progress. And now, he could see that the rope was hanging in the gate of the carabiner, unable to take the weight of his fall.

AT THE BRINK OF THE LINK-30th October 1:45 – 1:55

My blood was pumping,                                              My heart was thumping,                                           I didn’t know what to do,                                          and I really needed a poo,                                          time was running out,                                                 oh, the things I was thinking about,                          I had 60 seconds to live,                                               my life was a real bizz,                                                   at the brink of the link.

Oct 30th – At the Brink of the Link

Oct 30th – At the Brink of the Link


Daphne was due to give birth. And she was worried. As much as she could be, not having much concept of the idea of ‘worry’, but she was about as worried as she could be, given the circumstances.

If she was still alive, Daphne would be roughly 2.1 million years old. But she isn’t, so there’s nothing really to worry about on that score. And it’s also highly unlikely that ‘Daphne’ was her real name, or that she had any concept of names, either. But we’ll call her Daphne, just to make it easier.

Daphne was an Australopithecus. And Daphne was worried.

If she had any concept of time, Daphne would have known that it was about 8 months ago that the strange one came into their territory. The strange one, with his strange looks and his strange fur and his strange way of smiling that caught her eye.

He led, and she followed. And about 8 months later, here she is.

The others know what’s happening, even if they don’t know about the strange one’s role in all of this. He didn’t last long, the strange one. He was just a bit, well…strange. They’d driven him off with stones, and wood, and they never saw him again.

If Daphne knew about contractions, she’d know they were starting. She knew something was starting, but she had not given birth before, so this was all new. The others knew, though. The other females were around, and the children were excited, and the males… Well, the males were just being males. They knew their place.

Daphne sat down for a while, then walked around, then sat again. She could feel it moving inside her, feel it wanting to come out. Her child. Her first.

What Daphne didn’t know, what none of them knew, was that Daphne’s child wasn’t going to be like them. Because Daphne’s child was not Australopithecus, like them, but something very different. In a little under half an hour’s time, Daphne was going to give birth to the first, the very first, Homo Habilis.

Daphne stood at the brink of The Link.

At The Brink Of The Link

To write for exactly, and only, ten minutes every day, as exercise. Helped by daily prompts by “M“. I wrote from 09:54 to 10:04 and today’s prompt is…..

At The Brink Of The Link

It was a strange time, I sometimes can’t quite believe I did it. of course I’m delighted I did, I wish I could remember how I was back then, who I was. It seems so unlike me now to decide to do that, and to do it.

But I did, and for some decades it appeared to be the best decision I ever made. Off I went, a bit into the unknown, but I guess I did know, we knew, and it worked. It worked so well, for so long, so many years. But still I wish I could recapture that sense, that strength, that spirit I had as I stood, all those years ago, at the beginning, just that step I needed at the brink of a link.

I took it and built that first link, and between us we built another and another, yet more links, a long continuous chain, a chain so strong it was unbreakable. The chain of my life, all I had to show for so many years, all I wanted to have from life. And in my mind’s eye yet more links stretching forever into the future. A long unbroken chain.

But it seems the more recent links have been weaker, I didn’t see it, in my foolish way, looking far back along the chain I can also see so many old links have begun to rust, have rusted even. what happened to our beautiful, essential, inevitable, endless chain?

And now here I sit; once more at the brink of a link.

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