At The Brink Of The Link

To write for exactly, and only, ten minutes every day, as exercise. Helped by daily prompts by “M“. I wrote from 09:54 to 10:04 and today’s prompt is…..

At The Brink Of The Link

It was a strange time, I sometimes can’t quite believe I did it. of course I’m delighted I did, I wish I could remember how I was back then, who I was. It seems so unlike me now to decide to do that, and to do it.

But I did, and for some decades it appeared to be the best decision I ever made. Off I went, a bit into the unknown, but I guess I did know, we knew, and it worked. It worked so well, for so long, so many years. But still I wish I could recapture that sense, that strength, that spirit I had as I stood, all those years ago, at the beginning, just that step I needed at the brink of a link.

I took it and built that first link, and between us we built another and another, yet more links, a long continuous chain, a chain so strong it was unbreakable. The chain of my life, all I had to show for so many years, all I wanted to have from life. And in my mind’s eye yet more links stretching forever into the future. A long unbroken chain.

But it seems the more recent links have been weaker, I didn’t see it, in my foolish way, looking far back along the chain I can also see so many old links have begun to rust, have rusted even. what happened to our beautiful, essential, inevitable, endless chain?

And now here I sit; once more at the brink of a link.

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