Nov 2nd – The Seeds Of Solitude

November 2nd – The Seeds Of Solitude

Special offer!
Seeds of Solitude:
single seeds,
maximum one per customer.

Germination is achieved
by soaking in bitterness
overnight: a longer period
of up to five days
ensures a healthy growth.

Sowing instructions:
Seeds of Solitude grow well
in simple soil.
No special fertilizer
or compost is necessary:
simply sow into average soil
and press down hard.

The first leaves should appear
after a week.
Keep out of direct sunlight
and avoid over-watering:
Solitude requires little
care for successful growth.

If required, seedlings and
younger plants
can be repotted into larger
containers: these should
be kept away from
other plants
to avoid cross-contamination.

Solitude flowers
are grey in colour,
and have no discernible scent.
Fruits, if they appear,
are tasteless and have
little nutritional value.

Solitude plants,
if tended appropriately,
will live indefinitely,
and will grow to fit
any available space.

inspiration from here


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