Creatures of Curiosity and Charisma

Today I wrote from 10:46 to 10:56 inspired by the prompts here. My other stuff is here.

Creatures of Curiosity and Charisma

A long walk on a dark night. A deep forest on the edge of a sparse city. All life in the urban environment was at slumber. He stumbled on through the wood, urgently, head down, no sense of where he was, or what was around. A need to walk. And to walk fast.

Moving briskly he didn’t heed the noises around him, only his own deep breathing, the rhythm of which was so even he soon stopped being aware of that too. Suddenly he burst from the trees and hit a wide dark river. With nowhere to go, no purpose at all, he simply turned and followed it.

Headlong alongside the flowing water he continued, no idea, no interest in whether he was moving upstream or down. Occasionally the river gurgled or roared below him but mostly it was silently continuing its endless trip. He himself tripped on the first of the unseen railway tracks, a minute moment before the high speed express struck, ending his journey.

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