Nov 3rd – Creatures of Curiosity and Charisma

November 3rd
Creatures of Curiosity and Charisma.

The Cheshire Cat had stopped smiling.

Not just any old Cheshire cat, this was The Cheshire Cat, with powers of invisibility and a smile that opened doors for him wherever he went.

Or used to.

Because, let’s face it, The Cheshire Cat was old news. He’d not been up to much, for a while, not since that stuff with Alice, and people were getting tired of that sort of thing. A cage fight with Macavity hadn’t really gone the way either of them had wanted, and the resurgence of careers both of them were expecting didn’t happen. Macavity had taken it on the chin, but the Cheshire Cat wasn’t ready to give up.

Or he hadn’t been.

But now he had stopped smiling, and when his grin faded, so did he. It wasn’t like becoming invisible, it was just a sort of fade, a slow shift from being there into not being there, with nobody being quite able to say where one state ended and the other began. He needed to start smiling again, and soon. He needed to be something again soon.

The Cheshire Cat was lapping at some almost-turned milk when the advert caught his eye.

‘Wanted! Creatures of Curiosity and Charisma for a Travelling Show like no other! From the Big Top to the Top Hat to the Big Apple! Wonders of the Age!

Do you have a talent like no other? Do you want to see the world? Do you want to be special again?

Email us at for more details.”

The Cheshire Cat smiled widely, disappearing completely from the kitchen table. Unseen paws, somewhere below a disembodied grin, began to tap softly on a keyboard.

“Dear Sir or Madam, you may have heard of me. I was briefly significant for a short while…”


inspired by here


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