Nov 5th – A Day of Denial

17.58 – 18.08

“But you said – ”

“No I didn’t.”

It wasn’t really going as expected. On the surface, it seemed quite simple. Danny had decided that, rather than follow everyone else, and have a cycle ride, or a marathon, or half marathon, or a swim, or anything else that everyone seemed to be doing to raise money these days, he was going to have a sponsored Day of Denial.

“A what?” his wife had asked him, as he broached the subject over tea a couple of weeks previously. “What’s one of those, then?”

“It’s simple,” Danny had said, and he really did think so, at the time. “Rather than run, or jump, or read, or whatever, I’m going to raise money for Sue’s charity by having a Day of Denial.”

“So you said,” replied his wife, who at this stage was still none the wiser, “but what exactly does that entail.”

“I’m going to deny everything. For a day.”

“And people will sponsor you to do that?”

“People will sponsor you to do anything. Just you wait.”

Danny was confident that his idea was a winner, and with a little bit of arm-twisting, and some Facebook marketing amongst his friends, family, and work colleagues, he was sure the day was going to be a big success. After all, all he had to do was to deny everything, for a day. From wake to sleep.

“Do you love me?” his wife had asked that morning.

“No. No I don’t”

It took a second before she twigged.

“It’s that day, isn’t it?”

“No. It isn’t that day. At all.”

Smiling, Danny left for work.

Two miles into his journey, Danny was stopped at a roadside check.

“Is this your vehicle, sir?”

He was in a quandary. He knew he had to deny everything, for twenty-four hours (or thereabouts) if he was to complete the challenge. Sue was so pleased with the amount he’d pledged. He couldn’t let her down, could he?

Danny swallowed.

“No. No it isn’t. My car. It isn’t my car.”

The police officer was a little confused by the nature of Danny’s reply, and something in his look was a little disconcerting.

“Then whose car is it, sir?”

Danny didn’t even know how to reply. There didn’t really seem to be a denial option.


“But you said – ”

“No I didn’t.”

“Step out of the vehicle please, sir.”

Danny did as he was asked. It was 8.30 am. His Day of Denial was really not going as expected.

Inspired by November Writing Prompts – click here for groovy stuff

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