Nov 6th – Petals and Parasols – Matt

November 6th – Petals and Parasols

Sometime in May
they sat,
all of them,
on a spread blanket

somewhere in Japan:
Nagoya, perhaps, or
Osaka, or somewhere
in between,

for Hanami.
A photograph,
pink, faded a little
at the corners

shows petals
and parasols, and
the spread blanket
on which they sat.

Pink trees, and lips
sake-shining, or moistened
with something else
less potent

as the wind stirred
the cherry trees.
‘Hanami,’ he said,
softly, tasting each

syllable as it formed
and floated, like the
petals, on the breeze.
‘Hanami,’ she whispered,

raising a glass
to her mouth, and smiling.
Beneath their parasols
the people came

and went, while they
sat, all of them,
sometime in May,
on a spread blanket.

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