Nov 8th – Luscious Lipstick

November 8th – Luscious Lipstick


“Luscious Lipstick. Many Colours!”

The advertising and marketing department of the pound shop was not especially inspired. But then it didn’t need to be. The lipstick, which was neither ‘luscious’ or, in most people’s eyes, ‘lipstick’, was not particularly exciting. Because, again, it didn’t really need to be. This was a pound shop. People either bought the lipstick, for £1, or they didn’t, and they bought something else. It didn’t really matter.

But Stacey had other ideas. Nearing the end of her one month, short-term, minimum-wage contract, she decided that she was going to mix things up a little. Because, quite frankly, who cared?

She spent Sunday in the shop. It wasn’t open on Sundays, or not all Sundays, and so Stacey had the place to herself. And she was going to leave her mark.

Armed with a kettle and a thin solution of glue, she switched all the labels on the value baked beans and the value dog food, carefully steaming off the labels and glueing them back into place. Then she added a little paint to the shampoos, shaking well. She squeezed plastic spiders (100 for £1) into any box she could, and added a few artificial sweeteners to the toothpastes.

And then she came to the luscious lipsticks.

Carefully unscrewing the tops, Stacey added a thin layer of own-brand superglue to each tube, making sure the seal was tight so the glue wouldn’t dry out. Then she moved the basket of the now far more interesting luscious lipsticks to prime browsing position, just inside the door. Luscious indeed.

Just after 8pm Stacey left the store, with the digital files from the CCTV in her pocket. Her work was done.

Tomorrow she would be in early, just to see.

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