Nov 15th – Tethered Triumphs

November 15th – Tethered Triumphs

A sonnet



Getting on and off was the hardest thing;

For anyone could claim the open road,

Arthritic limbs in leather seemed to sing

Of freedom ‘til the rush hour traffic slowed.

Their numbers had diminished year on year,

But not the feeling of wind in their hair,

(although the hair was wont to disappear)

And now they inspired pity and not fear.

But when they met, their talk was of glory;

Of battles won and lost and daring deeds,

And each one owned a piece of their story,

And each one was a rose among the weeds.

Their rides are shorter now, not far to go,

They park their Triumphs tethered in a row.


Inspired by a prompt from here

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