Plastered Petticoats – Dead Deer

Photo Credit :- Nathan Fischer

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The Moon

Reflecting light severely the moon was bold in the night sky. An alabaster cream shimmering half circle hanging lightly amongst the stars. The strength of it’s glow rendered those closest to it not visible to the eye. The contrast of the bright Moon and the deep deep dark blue around and all about gave dimension to the apparently flat disk.

Yet tonight that contrast was not marked by a crisp border; where the moon ended and the sky began. Strangely on this night there was an uneven fog encircling the Moon. In it’s ethereal way this border skimmed around the large body quite prettily. It danced its way around never quite there; never quite not.

It was an unusual sight, certainly, this wafer-thin lunar petticoat, the colour of thin sheets of alabaster cut thus to act as windows, the strong Mediterranean sun penetrating to create a warm gleam out of this cold stone.

Inspired by seeing the moon on a late walk last night

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