The Ring of Enchantment – Dead Deer

Yes. Yes I can. I am not undisfavoured toward this concept. Goodbye.

Each and every time, it seems, the same promise comes to this abrupt end. It is imperative to capture one, to see one through. It is getting increasingly obvious that this dry spell is more than that. If one would only stay, if one would. There is a problem with the link, the bridge, from one to the next. The first step is fine, the slide into the next works very well, and that step is often superb. But moving on to the last stage is where the problems arise. Again and again and again.

This sounds very interesting to me. I am intrigued by all you have said. I must go now.

The actor steps on to the stage, they must move through the audience to arrive there. The crowd. The people. The fans? Can you call them fans? They are there for the play, for the spectacle rather than an individual, but yes ‘fans’ works. Fans of theatre, theatre in the ring. The actor is on the stage and turns to face the (let’s keep it simple) the audience.

Definitely. I love it. Just wait one moment. [silence]

And turn they must as the audience, the gathered people, are all around; in every direction. So the actor turns to start, but before commencing their lines, opening their mouth, they continue to turn, slowly, gradually, turn and turn and turn, the never-ending unchanging array of always-different faces staring back, expectantly.

Today I wrote from 23:13 to 23:23. I was prompted by ideas here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here

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