Nov 21st – Windows to the Past

November 21st – Windows to the Past



She liked to sit

in front of the double windows

on days like this,


and not see

the grey walls opposite

that looked back at her


blankly. She liked

to see through them,

to days where the sun


was a warm breath

on the back of her neck;

her slippers sand.


She listened to the voices

of before, that cut through

the angry traffic, and


the hum of the city,

and whispered softly in her ear

of when she had looked,


and seen arches, domes,

mountains, icefields,

of when she had run,


naked, Into that lake,

alive with the shock

of the cold. Her windows


were often closed, now,

and she wondered, idly,

about painting over the frames


to stop the draughts.

But on days like these

when she could lose hours


in the caress of memory,

she knew that her windows

should stay open still.


Inspired by a prompt from here

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