Two Halves of a Dress, Frayed and Worn – Dead Deer


The hurting here below, the emptiness above” – Dave Gedge

I have found myself walking aimlessly, lost in all senses, around “Manchester Town” recently. In reflection my mind wandered to Gedge’s seminal contribution to the art of lost love. Is there a better one? Manchester is a singularly depressing place which matches the mood I have been in ideally. Thank goodness my mind was too confused to act. There are no landmarks, Simon Hughes notes, in Manchester. And the sun never shines.

Age may well not whither her beauty but it will  be eaten away “By the scent of someone else“. Is this selfishness? I have no control, nor do I want to. But how? How to move on? There is “always something left behind“.

Today Manchester loses another great of it’s music scene. Pete Shelley asked “What do I get?” Like Pete I only get sleepless nights, in a half empty bed.

Yes a bad day today. I’m lost and afraid still, I have no idea how I can cope this evening, having fallen in love with someone I should have. Like Shelley said; “I’m in distress“,

And tonight; “A stranger’s hand on my favourite dress”


Today I wrote from 17:04 to 17:14. I was prompted by ideas here. Myy other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here



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