Dec 9th – And as the moon exploded

December 9th – And as the moon exploded


Walls. Closing in. close close closer closercloserclosercloser. Need to get out.

Feel. Chairs chairs chaos sofa wallwallwall still movingstillgettingcloserstill closing inonme. Out. Out. Outoutdoorturnhandleturnwrongwayhandlemelting. Handlemeltinginmyhand. Handturning. Handleturning. Handleturninghandturninghandleturning..




Breathe. Inoutinoutinotuinotuinout. Slower. In out in out in out in out   in   out    in    out     in     out      in      out.

On the sea. I am on the sea. Rockingupanddownandupanddown. Corridor of sea.


Took something. What? What took? Whattooktaketaken? I have taken.

In. out.

Stillmoving. Stillonthesea. Wavesonwavesonwavesonwavesonwaves. Swim to the door. Another door.

In. out. Inoutinout.

Anotherhandle. Handleturninghandturninghandleturning.. out. Not in. out.


Coldair s  l  a  p  in  t h e   f a c e. Good. Roadcarsnotmoving. Lights.

What have I tooktaken? Again/ saidnolasttime. No. nomeansyesmeansno. Pill. Dontwant/want/wanted. Tooktakenpill.


Starsarefalling. Iamfalling. Focus. Breathe/inoutinoutonoutinout in  out    in     out      in       out.

Starsfallingslower. Bright. Moonbright.

Moonpulsing. Moonpulsinginandout. Moonbreath. Moonbeammoonbreath.

Holdsomething. Must holdsomething. Moonbreathheavyinoutinoutinoutinout biggerbiggerbiggerbigger, moonballoonmoonballoon/toomuchtoobig::




Inspired by a prompt from here

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