Destiny Awaited, They Had No Other Choice – Dead Deer

Rodney [enter stage right]; I waited all afternoon for you, where have you been?

Georgiana [steps back and sits on sofa]; But, but, I came. Where were you?

Rodney; You lying shit! You’ve been with, with …….. him!!

Georgiana; No, but no. I was waiting, in the gazebo. I was there all afternoon. I looked and so longed for you to arrive. I might ask – where were you?

Rodney; Me? Where was I? I was in the gazebo myself and I saw no sign of you, no sign at all.

Georgiana; [indignantly stands] You lie Sir. You lie. I was there.

Sylviana [off-stage] Rodders dear! Come back now, I haven’t finished with you….

Georgiana [pulling tiny pistol] Rodney King-Smythe I have had enough. ENOUGH.

Rodney; No G-G my darling, it’s not like that, don’t do anything hasty

Sylviana [rushes in stage left]; come on Rodders……. NO! NO! Georgiana you madwoman! NO put it down, DOWN I tell you!

Sylviana and Rodney rush at Georgiana from both sides. They tussle. A gun-shot is heard

Georgiana [clutching stomach]; Destiny. Destiny is mine. Sylviana you win. You always win. My destiny awaits. [pause and groan; Sinks to ground. Pause. She raises herself and looks at Sylviana] but… BUT …. so does YOURS….. ha ha ha ha [cackles increasingly weakly. She dies]

Rodney [rushes to Georgiana, kneels]; She’s …. she’s….. DEAD [looks accusingly at Sylviana]

Sylviana; No. Don’t you dare blame me, it wasn’t me. No. What did she mean? About my destiny

Rodney [finding something clutched in Georgiana’s hand] I have no idea. What’s this [opens paper and reads] Good God. She’s fixed you, Sylviana.

Sylviana; What? What is it?

Rodney [reading] To whom it may concern. This paper, countersigned today by Sir Lovett Newly, confirms that the racehorse known as “Shoes Johnson” belongs to Sylviana Rossetti-Smythe in entirety and in perpetuity!



Today I wrote from 18:21 to 18:31. I was prompted by ideas here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here


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