A Steady Breeze Guided Them Along – Dead Deer

Chopping along merrily, perms blowing in the wind, First Aid KIt blaring out of the Bluetooth speaker, and the sun beating down on the deck. They could not quite believe it when they turned up for this trip and discovered that the guy who owned the boat and captained it for them was in fact a large pig. Still, he seemed reasonably competent. They were moving forward at any rate.

The beer allowed itself a sharp fizzy exhalation as Juliette cracked it’s cap off. “Pass me another, too.” called out Lillian. “And me.” Tallulah said, as she passed the bottles around. Free. Three friends, freedom. The open seas. A few days together before starting their new lives. The steady breeze guided them along, and they felt like the only people on Earth.

Is it freedom though? Being stuck on a small boat; nowhere to go, nowhere to really be alone. The yacht groaned deeply and slowly as it plunged under water, Lillian, at the front, felt the cool, pleasing, blast of water first, and then the hands of her friends clutching here. Before long they were deep in the water, and the speed picked up. It was beautiful down there. The Captain was struggling for breath, like a midnight fox in space, adrift and cut off. He was just there, on this small boat, but he seemed such a long way away to the women. As if on the other side of some glass. Slowly he gasped and vibrated, before giving in.

Juliette collected the rocks, Lillian and Tallulah tied them to his corpse and the strength of all three was needed to haul it overboard. “How,” thought Lillian, ruefully, “are we to get home now?”

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