She Reeked of Sugary Sweets, and her Teeth Gave Away her Disguise – Dead Deer

She Reeked of Sugary Sweets, and her Teeth Gave Away her Disguise

The smoke curled around her fingers as she slouched on the grey street corner. She inhaled deeply and her lungs felt the warmth flood them. Man alive it was cold here. Snow fell from her boots as she stamped her feet. Looking up furtively, and saw the big coats and bigger hats on the busy street. It was so hard to distinguish between people, but she must not miss him, but just as important she couldn’t stare. Wait. Just wait. And smoke.

Her fresh pack was nearly empty by the time she glimpsed him emerge from the icy fog, and she was cold. Her natural stance, turned slightly, allowed her to avoid his gaze, whether he was looking or not. He ought to have been aware he would be watched, but his arrogance left her sure he wouldn’t bother with even the most basic precautions. She flicked away the butt and pulled some mints from her pocket. Jesus, how many times? These ones had so much sugar they made the teeth fairly sting. They never listened. She gulped three at a time.

Casually she left her post and moved off into the crowds. Stupidly he wore a distinctive hat, making him easy to track. He was way too showy for this life, she thought once again. Yet he’d survived this long. He must have something.

It was the mints. He recognised the cheap brand straight away. He even knew that she hated them, but Control never got her the ones she wanted. The day I treat an asset that badly is the day I deserve to get it, he thought. He had signalled with a imperceptible nod and carried on.

Imperceptible, that is, to all except the one it was intended for. She followed him for a few streets before she was picked up. She smiled engagingly at the young men, an attempt to placate and assure them she was a nobody. As soon as they saw that smile, however, they knew. Within the hour her body was in many pieces and strewn across various locations in the conveniently plentiful rivers in this watery, cold and inhospitable town.

Today I wrote from 11:59 to 12:09. I was prompted by ideas here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here

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