Fishnet Stockings Were a Real Nice Surprise – Dead Deer

Fishnet Stockings Were a Real Nice Surprise.

Consciousness came slowly, realisation yet slower. The odd weight and strange creak at the end of the bed took a moment or two to form in the mind. A pause and remembrance; Christmas Day and it seems Father Christmas has been and filled his stocking. It was still dark. Desperate to reach down and see and feel the stretched and overflowing football sock he had left, he knew it must be hours until he could rise. He checked his clock. 4am.

His parents had been adamant; six thirty at the earliest. So back to sleep. Some chance! The thoughts whirring about what might be in there, not wanting to formulate clear pictures so as to mitigate disappointment. Seriously, though, what hope not to? Slowly, so slowly the minutes ticked by. Finally the time arrived.

Chocolates, sweets, pocket games, a tiny pack of cards, a satsuma. All suddenly transformed into magical items simply by being stuffed into an old sock! And the last object his small hand pulled out, the best of all. His dad had promised to take him to the lake in the spring, but he wasn’t sure he really would. This net for catching fish confirmed that the promise was indeed in earnest.

Today I wrote from 13:34 to 13:44. I was prompted by ideas here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here


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