An Eruption of Presents was all that could be Seen – Dead Deer

An Eruption of Presents was all that could be Seen

She walked briskly toward the bus stop, her hair still wet from the shower. The sun shone down and she felt the warmth gradually enter her. A car screamed by, ‘Daydream Believer’ blaring out of the open windows. She smiled, thinking of Davy Jones’ funny little dance in his purple loon pants.

She made the bus with time to spare and found a seat upstairs. The heat of the sun was magnified by the window, it was almost uncomfortable. Running her fingers through her now nearly dry hair something caught her eye. A slight movement in the bedroom window opposite as the bus paused briefly, long enough for her to focus and register the fist hit the face on the other side of the pane. “Oh my days” she thought, her mouth forming a large “O”. The man in the window looked up and they stared at one another as the bus eased away. Confused she continued to look out and in the next house an eruption of presents was all that she could see.

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