A half-eaten muffin and a spoon, were all that remained – Dead Deer

A half-eaten muffin and a spoon, were all that remained.

Spoon. Spoonfoot, spoonface. Have you ever looked at your face in the back of the spoon? Have you have seen someone who looks like that always? No, neither have I.

Muffin. Who eats a muffin with a spoon? I suppose this is intended as an American muffin, the big, sweet individual cake that they will insist is a muffin. A muffin, to me, is a bread product. Has a resonant relationship with the crumpet, in that they are both round and demand to be served with lashing for melted butter. A muffin, unlike a crumpet, is first cut in half. Then each are toasted. Also delicious with muffins is scrambled egg, and ham, or maybe salmon. Who eats scrambled eggs with a spoon? Not I.

I am sure that is not all that was left? Surely a plate? Surely some furniture, walls, air? Who would be the witness if all that were left were a half-eaten muffin and a spoon.

Spoons. Serving spoon, table spoon, dessert spoon, soup spoon, tea spoon, coffee spoon. Who’s to say?

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