She snickered as she ran, until she noticed what was behind her – Dead Deer

She snickered as she ran, until she noticed what was behind her

Running a marathon an amusing thought came into her mind, regarding Colin Firth. At first she tittered, then she giggled. It didn’t stop amusing her, yet she recognised that it really wasn’t all that funny really. It must be from being so weak passing the thirty kilometre mark.

Then it came to her again, and she laughed out loud. It seemed to her highly amusing that Colin Firth is called ‘Colin’ and she, nor anyone else it seems, had ever noticed.

She heard her name, and looked up. A group of friends waving her on, and looking happy but bemused that she seemed in such good spirits, actually laughing as she ran!

She had to stop and tell them, she really had to share this. Their bewilderment grew as she started shouting “He’s called Colin, see? COLIN.”

“Who?” they called back

“COLIN FIRTH”, now helpless with laughter she had to stop and hold her sides, “he’s called COLIN!! Isn’t that ridiculous?!”

Turning to start again she would normally have been delighted to see such a famous face running beside her suddenly, but today, well, not today.

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