As she walked to the end of the wooden boards, the stars spoke to her – Dead Deer

As she walked to the end of the wooden boards, the stars spoke to her.

Entering nervously the huge house she naturally hugged the walls inching her way around towards the far door with all the speed and confidence of a disappointed sloth.

The crowd intimidated her, she couldn’t look up in case she caught someone’s eyes. She needed to get out into the air. Finally she made it to the wide patio doors and into the patio, nearly jumping out of her skin as a waiter offered her champagne. Regaining her composure she accepted gratefully.

Finally looking up she could barely believe her eyes. The lawn was full of people and each and every one a legend in her field.

Feeling out of place she made for the small jetty on the lake. Noone was on it, she planned to sit and wait this out. Why did she come? She felt out of place, surely none of these people would know her.

She had no idea how well received her paper had been, or how well regarded it was; how well regarded she was. Or how excited all these celebrity brains were to meet her.

She reached the jetty and just as her feet touched the wooden boards she heard her name called ….

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