Jan 10th – The boat was empty, except for one lone fish

January 10th – The boat was empty, except for one lone fish.



The evening light painted
the mountains in pink and orange
and deepening red, staining the snow
on the tops. A lone bird cried
its evening song, unanswered.

Darkness crept from the west
across the mirror surface,
drawing curtains across the remains
of the day; clouds ghosted
vague vapour shapes behind.

One rod jutted out from the side,
resting on the gunwale,
its line unhooked, unbaited;
almost as still as the sky.
Nothing stirred. There was nothing,

or no-one. No voices cut
through the chill of the air.
No breath steamed.
the boat was empty,
except for one lone fish.


Inspired by a prompt from here

Battle – Dead Deer


Sweet smell of baking biscuits wafted from the kitchen window of the quaint little cottage across the meadow. Larks sung. Daisies and buttercups shone against the lush long grass, the yellow and green made the hours shoot by in no time. And now it was time for her to hit the road. There was a mountain waiting for her. She prepared herself and was off.

As she trudged slowly toward the higher ground she knew she was finally ready, but she could sense some change; in her and in the atmosphere. Well, that is what she expected, why she was heading off to the inevitable conflict.

On and on, under the hot sun she went, and the ground began to rise below her. You know where she’s heading, you know where she’ll be. Finally she reaches the top and finds the castle, the moat full of over-sized alligators; obviously raised here, personally by him so says the legends. Well those homegrown beasts were no match for her trusty sword, and their thrashing and anguished death throes brought the attention of her presence that she had hoped for. They needed me, she thought, now stick around and see what I’ll do. Yes it is time to deal with him once and for all.

She gained access and came face to face with her enemy, her sword raised. She really could get used to this. Now it is time. She looked up, and saw what he held. Oh shit.

A shotgun.


with apologies to George Ezra

Today I wrote from 17:03 to 17:13. I was prompted by idea “Prepared for battle, she made her presence knownhere. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here