A Braver Attempt Had Never Before Been Seen – Dead Deer

A Braver Attempt Had Never Before Been Seen

Escaping northwards by train. Not so difficult, as the light begins to fade ever earlier. The trees of the north will offer refuge, already brown enough to mask movement, but not yet denuded sufficiently to reveal our hero.

His collar turned up no-one seems to notice him, but he in turn trusts no-one. How far? An hour should be enough, maybe more. Already it is wild there, very few people. He has little to eat, but knows his way around a forest; this is a rich foraging time and he is quick and strong. It will be tough, but he can make it.

Which station? Or no station? Jumping allows him to pinpoint the most inaccessible location, but may yet draw attention his way. He knows of a broad ‘gap’ in the map, however, just the train line and a broad river, no roads, no settlements, unpassable. That’s where.

Now is the moment. He has slunk smoothly into an empty carriage. He leaps up, throws himself at the door, and it gives. Woah! It is faster than he expected. The rushing noise, loud. The river below, he must go now. A shout in the corridor, “I say, Sir”, no time, a last look (“Did he see my face?”), and he is out, tumbling in the air.

A noise, a pain, he misses the water, he hits a rock. He bleeds slowly to death over the next hours. A brave but stupid attempt, and for what? To save a two Euro fare.

Today I wrote from 12:00 to 12:10. I was prompted by idea  here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here

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