Gem-Past-Secret – Dead Deer


Pulled from the eye of a hare. It was the eye in fact. The Eye of The Hare.

And there in it’s depths resides my past, my youth, my own troubled and portentous childhood.

Notwithstanding, they would say, his troublesome outward-looking knees, is his lost and wavering brow. I, myself, was aware of the importance of this brow or, that is to say, I was aware that an importance was available (and keen) to attach itself to my brow. All that was needed was time. The brow was, you’ll note, of a rare and particular beauty and it could (or rather, should) not have been the slightest surprise to any being – specific or otherwise – that great things, nay Greatest Things, were destined for it. Yet, escape their notice this did.

It was clear to me, as I took myself (and my extraordinary self-cleaning ears) away from that sorry, unremarkable (so as far to go; unremarked) house one spring morning that I was destined for a greatness, owing to my unusual feats (and feet). Within a very short amount of time (less than a day) I had discovered that darkness came at my beckoning, I merely had to wait, and as it did so I brought forth also a coldness. In my sleep, so to speak (and in fact), I brought back warmth and light. Can any other small, that is to say, young, creature claim such talents as these. To name but some?

Thus, freshly full of my liberty and station I moved forth, building and creating new wonders in all directions. Those I met marvelled at this, and held me in true esteem, those wise enough to be able to envisage my astounding works, many mere mortals foolishly unable to conceive of things lacking only in form and matter. Of these sad individuals, I speak nothing.

Onwards I travelled, sturdy and friendless and drawing ever closer to Events, and Happenings, to Experiences and Goings-On. And to the Hare. We sat. We watched. We spoke not; for there was not need. The respect we shared was too great, and wordlessly I understood I was to pluck out his precious deep amber eye. And here it sits now, nestled in the perfectly formed palm of my otherwise disappointing paw.


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