Reflections in the water completed the circle

He knew from here on in, that his life would change.  It already had.  He could see it happening right in front of him.  He was just hoping his love hadn’t.  It would destroy what he had created. What he had strived for.  Strived for most of his life.  No.  He had to – he had to keep it secret.  There was no going back. He was protecting her from the truth.  From the pain.  He couldn’t do that to her.  No. This was how it was going to be.

Before she could take a look, with his index, he changed the tide – so to speak.  He made the water say something different.  The circle was no longer complete.  Life would continue as is for now.  Until he was truly ready to reveal himself to her.

What an idiot.  Thinking he was ready and chancing it.  For nothing.  Seemingly.  If he had the chance again… he would let her see him, for him.


Look up, Love.  Look up.  Don’t wait for the water to tell you what you already know. You know this man in front of you. Believe that. Believe him.



from a prompt here

Reflected Circles, Completed – Dead Deer

Reflected Circles, Completed.

The ochre hues intimidated even as they exhilarated . Not just ochre of course, not even just one ochre. Reds, yellows, purples, golds, browns: an infinite variety of browns. Seen from afar the wood in it’s autumnal costume is stunning, close up it is breath-taking. My path took me up and across from one remarkable display and across a low wide valley directly toward another.

It was then I saw it.

A fleeting movement, ahead. It was deliberate, though, not merely a startled creature, surely. It felt rather than looked threatening. I shook my head, shook the thought. This was a simple enough task today, I would probably be done early in fact. And what a workplace I have, magnificent In it’s beauty.

Was that it again?

I wondered at what, or rather who, might be stalking me. It was an idle thought, if I am honest, I mean after all these years. No, it was absurd. The thought that he would even remember, let alone track me down, out here.

By now I am in the forest, the comforting crackle of fallen twigs underfoot. The colours, the smells, where else would I want to be? A squirrel scarries up a tree, birds flutter their high speed manoeuvres through the trees. Every successful flight, avoiding those branches, a minor every-day miracle.

Now I see him. Just as I reach the pool. It is him. I cannot believe this. He has a look of blind intense fury. It was fifteen years ago! I call out, beginning to explain; we were in love, these things happens, but almost inhumanely quickly he is on me, and I feel a great sudden strength and a shock as I hit the water. I look up and see the reflections from below.

I took his love; he took my life. The circle is complete.

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Jan 21st – The glittering gem held all the secrets of the past

January 21st – The glittering gem held all the secrets of the past


Held up to the light, and turned

to the right angle, you could see

whatever you wanted to see.

It was all there, held in the centuries,

millennia, epochs even, of its own past.


Magma-forged, pressure-hammered,

and given time and space to take sides,

it lit up someone’s face, mined

or picked up, or stumbled across.

Older than plants, older than coal,


they are the earth itself; shaped

by nature. It takes days to cut

the rough stone, but only when it’s cut

it sparkles. Only then, held up

to the light, do the secrets shine.



Inspired by a prompt from here.