She Did Exactly What She Was Told Never To Do – Dead Deer

She Did Exactly What She Was Told Never To Do

It was not that her peers questioned her actions. Quite the reverse, in fact. They all cheered her on, and hoped to join her. It was the snooty members of the Yacht Club. They insisted that the Club Rules expressly forbade her. She knew, however, that this was not the case. He dear friend had managed to obtain a copy of said Rules, and the only possible grounds they had was Section 4, paragraph 3 which expansively and inaccurately referred to the maximum number of legs permitted aboard all sizes of ships. He had prepared a strong defence to any attack along these lines. She would stand on two legs only.

In the meantime she simply took to the water. She had become adept at going aboard, and all aspects of sailing except returning ashore which was, to be fair, still a trial for her. Her nerves, coupled with the knowledge that Yacht Club spies would be observing her every move, led her to shut her eyes at the key moment and dignity was rarely present.

But now she was in full flow. The attacks from the nastiest Club Members enraged her. So much so she had arranged a flotilla this sunny June day. And what a sight it was! A joy to behold. the glistening ripples of the deep blue ocean welcomed this extraordinary fleet. Fifteen hundred vessels set sail and the festival atmosphere was tangible in the air. Several boats took music bands aboard, they all had colourful bunting. And they were cheered by all, except the spluttering old fools of the Yacht Club.

Normal humans had long since accepted and celebrated the joy that pigs brought to the marina and Grandma Pig, in the leading boat, was somewhat a modern day hero. The yachts held over three thousand fabulous pigs. Her name was cheered, and oinked, for miles around. She was the happiest pig, no – the happiest sentient being, on all this beautiful, watery, porcine Earth.


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