Jan 27th – She did exactly what she was told she never to do.

She ran away. Choosing to follow her dreams. Dreams she was told would never become reality. Dreams she was always told would be squashed. She’d never amount to anything if she left the comfort of her small market town. She’d get lost if she left. She’d have no hope. No luck. No life. She’d have nothing if she went out on her own.

Don’t bother.

Give up now.

You’d be wasting yours – everyone’s time.

 Just don’t leave.

But somehow, one grey, damp and dull afternoon, she found herself at the train station. She walked up to the ticket booth and asked for a single, one-way ticket.

“Where to?” the cashier laughed.

She looked at the destination screen behind him, not really knowing where she wanted to go. The place itself didn’t matter.

“To the furthest stop on the next train leaving,” she answered.

“OK…,” the cashier replied with a lift of his eyebrows and pushed a ticket across the counter.

She picked it up as if she was playing poker – not revealing her cards to anyone. But her hand revealed – provided – the smile on her face.

This train ticket was a possibility.

Her possibility.

Her future.

And it left in 10 minutes.


Prompted by link.

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