Slipping between the seams, there was no turning back – Dead Deer

Slipping between the seams, there was no turning back

Seemingly too late she rushed at the building and managed to push through the throng to the front. Shouting over the voices, waving her hands in front, she secured a ticket somehow and ran out the back. The doors of the bus were closing but she banged on them and the driver, in no hurry himself, opened them.

It appeared considerably more probable that the people squeezed inside would burst out the door than her entering, but somehow she did. There’s always room for one more, the driver chuckled. It occurred to her that this could not possibly be true but at least she was on board, and they were off. It was extraordinarily uncomfortable.

It ought to have been a blessed relief to get moving, the still air thick with heat and sweat. However as the bus picked up speed the open windows served only to move the thick sweaty air around.

Well, this was it. The ticket had cost her the majority of what she had left. No chance of a return ticket. Bridges burnt, like so many before her she found the city beckoning. What awaited her she knew not.

Waving her granddaughter off several decades later she thought back to that day. Full of promise it was, but she hardly could believe that it was she that had taken such a plunge. It worked out, of course, eventually. The first years were hard, horrific even. No, don’t think about that time. Think about what came later.

There was no turning back then, and there was no turning back now, from the fresh horrors awaiting her in her beautiful old home. She was so worried for her granddaughter as she set off the thought that she should be worried for herself could not have been further from her mind.

Still; Go, know.

Today I wrote from 13:57 to 14:07. I was prompted by an idea here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here

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