A simple reason was all she needed.

She wasn’t asking for much.  She just needed to know – for certain – that this was why she was sent down this path.

Just because…

This is how it’s going to be from now on…

You don’t require a reason…


This wasn’t what she signed up for.

She wanted to grow within the path.  To watch the seeds generously bloom along on both sides.  Not to be tamed and fenced in to one secluded spot.

She was going to suffocate.

And for no reason.

No simple reason.


It wouldn’t be too long before she uprooted completely and found the place where she could be nurtured – appreciated – for who she was and for what she could offer.


Maybe she was asking for much… But underneath, she deserved it.  She was worth it.

And all she needed was a simple reason for her to stay.


Prompted by this link.

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