Blue Jean’s Babies – Dead Deer

Blue Jean’s Babies

She wasn’t a Tory. She had a fairly run of the mill shade of skin. She wasn’t a Toffee, or a Citizen, she didn’t even have blue eyes. But for some reason, lost in the midst of time Jean was always known as ‘Blue’ Jean.

It was owing to the nickname, rather than the other way around, that she painted her house a vibrant blue. Jean had a heart the size of Everest and an ocean of kindness to give. Jean brought joy and a pleasant word to everyone’s day. She enriched every life she touched. And this became a vast number of lives. Out of great sadness Jean could wring great happiness.

Her own inability to have children was a sadness she buried deep deep inside but one that never truly left her. She took this pain and used it to fearlessly and determinedly take on every young life she could. Whether abandoned or orphaned, whether the mother was too young or scared or bewildered to cope Jean would step in. That beautiful big house was full for decades with the sounds of young lives, starting out. Crying, laughing, playing. She had time for them all and she never forgot one; and not a single one of Blue Jean’s Babies forgot Jean or her blue house for their entire lives.

Today I wrote from 23:34 to 23:44. I was prompted by an idea here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here

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