Splitting Threads – Dead Deer

Splitting Threads

The dark dog ran across the beach of the tidal river, a low short patch of black shiny mud. Gradually the waters receded; lapping gently away to reveal first the feet and legs, eventually the torso.

[split – thread one] During the fearsome row the dog must have got away. Each assumed it was with the other. As their divorce grew ever more acrimonious they didn’t met again for years. In all the contacts via solicitors and courts they never once mentioned it. When finally they met, on the street, and spoke (the bitter hatred now dulled) it emerged that neither had the dog. They had no idea what had happened to it since that fateful day and they had no idea of its role in the discovery of the gangster’s body.

[split – thread two] It was too big. In every sense it was too big. How on earth had they got themselves into this? Accidentally killing this Mr. Big character, they were in big, big trouble. The whole of the City’s underworld would be in uproar. But first they had another big problem. He was big. They needed to lose the corpse. And quick Three of them were involved, but that was not enough to shift him. So more people were needed, creating greater risk. And transport. They had an hour until high tide, they needed to get him in the river quick. It was dark. How they were not seen manhandling him over the balustrade of the old bridge they could not believe. What they will eventually know, in time, is that they were seen. And that enormous splash was heard up and down the old river. The first of many, in the days and weeks to come.

Today I wrote from 16:06 to 16:16. I was prompted by an idea here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here

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