Splitting Threads

“I’m not splitting threads – hairs – whatever you’re calling it, mate.  No – no way.  Jog on.  This is what the deal is.  Take it or leave it.  Either way, I’m winning.  No skin off my nose, boss.  Nope.

I can tell you’re keen, though. You just don’t trust yourself to part with your pride for an almost micro-second, in realising this is the best way to move on – for everyone involved.

That pride, huh? Perhaps the biggest killer.  The biggest killer of everything.  Ridiculous, really.  I think, if there was a ‘filter’ for all the pride in the world… it would look a lot different.  If only…

Yet, here we are, bud.  You’re still deciding whether this is best thing for you.  Don’t you realise that eventually – if you don’t make your mind up soon – you’re going to be left behind?  And catching up will be a real bitch.  It’ll be a big shock.

In some ways, I understand.  But in more – bigger, important and urgent ways, you just need to decide.  Me – the world – is going to move on with out you.  Do you want to learn and develop with us? Or are we still going to split threads – or hairs on the subject?  We can’t wait forever.”


Prompted by this link.

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