Feb 3rd – The edge of forever

February 3rd – The edge of forever


She stood, swaying, balanced
on the edge of forever
and forever ago.

Her arm was steady
as she raised the rifle to her
shoulder, setting her sights

on her target ahead. Breathe
she told herself, breathe,
slow and long and true.

she had trained herself
for this; knew she was ready
to do what her head said

she must, even if her heart
screamed no. Eye to the sight;
crosshairs there to cross

him out the instant he
crossed the street. Steady.
She shifted the weight

on her feet, braced
against the wall of the
seventh floor of the empty

building, chosen just for this.
Her swaying slowed: forever
and forever ago met, embraced

at the cusp of the moment
when everything had to change.
Movement. She stood

stock still, the stock still
against her shoulder. She edged
her finger against the trigger,

its familiar curve a comfort,
her right eye pressed to the lens,
her left closed to the outside

world. This was the inside
world. She had a job to do,
one she had given herself,

and its reward was oblivion
for him, and whatever waited
over the edge of forever

for her. He stopped outside
the doorway opposite, reached
into his jacket, took out

his phone. He dialled.
Not moving, a perfect target,
perfectly still in the telescope

sight. Two small lines intersected
perfectly above his eyes,
his phone pressed to his ear.

As the telephone vibrated to itself
in the bag at her feet,
                       she fired.


Inspired by a prompt from here

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