Magenta Moments – Dead Deer

Magenta Moments

Vivid and vibrant. Harsh and shocking. Moments such as these come regularly now. The background colour to life is a dark, dirty red. It is punctuated by these sharp incidents of a startling hue.

In a car park. At work. Walking, cycling, sleeping. At any time it comes, rising up, rising in intensity. It is exhausting, it is debilitating, and of course it is wholly self-fulfilling and soul-destroying.

The head throbs from the piercing shade, even as it fades slowly back to the grim relentlessness of normality. I long for some fresh, warm and friendly colours once more. It has been so long, so very long.


Today I wrote from 17:30 to 17:40. I was prompted by an idea here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here

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