Pixilated Paintings – Dead Deer

Pixilated Paintings

Pushing out content, day after day. It was a great idea, once. Take an instantly recognisable classical painting, and render as if it were produced in the early days of computing. Blocky, but still itself. A good laugh. Friends enjoyed it, and out it went onto social media. It was fun, thinking of new ones, adding amusing quirks to old masters in this heavily pixilated form.

It grew, and some big names started following, eventually even a book was produced. That was fun, but a bit stressful and ultimately of course that type of book is always disappointing. Almost without noticing the pressure to get a new picture out every week – long since stopped doing it daily, how long ago was that? – begin to build. It was no longer fun any more. The idea was no longer fresh, new ideas for the subversive humour was harder to find. Everyone had seen the gag and moved on.

So a new idea was needed. An equally simple basic concept, and one which could maintain the simplicity of the #pixilatedpaintings identity. Taking some old pixilated graphic games and turning them backwards into old masters was clever, but very difficult, very finite and very niche.

The #pixilatednovels idea was never going to catch on in the modern instant ultra-micro-consumption social media world, and anyway what the hell did it mean?

So. It took months, years even. Cost a fortune and was exceedingly painful but when completed it scored huge in the hits and shares. For a few days. Was it worth it? #pixilatedself trended high for a brief moment but those uncomfortable square bone alterations were there for life. Never sleep lying down again. #Viral


Today I wrote from 19:06 to 19:16. I was prompted by an idea here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here

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