Feb 7th – Splitting threads

February 7th – Splitting threads

Sometimes, the threads that hold
A story together, that pull it all in
close, that keep things tight,
get frayed, and the story
starts to come apart.

The ends of storylines split,
and characters get lost: imagine
Hamlet wandering into Macbeth,
coming over all existential
in a Scottish bloodbath. Or,

if you like, another split end,
and Anton Chigurh wanders out
of the pages of No Country for Old Men,
into the Hundred Acre Wood,
a bolt gun to the head of Tigger.

A twist of thread, and Mr. Darcy
is run over by Daisy, driving Gatsby’s car,
and Holden Caulfield is given
short shrift by Beowulf, who has little time
for all his bullshit. That’s why

we start each new story
on a new spool, tightly wound,
making sure that we tie it off at the end,
Characters stitched in where they belong.
Time, though, tests all things.


Inspired by a prompt from here

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