Macaroni Madness – Dead Deer

Macaroni Madness

Softly the pasta plops into the simmering boil. Cheese in Bedlem. A cheese sauce, baked-in sauce, a harder cheese grated and individually added at the point of eating. Milk to drink and yoghurt for pudding. The daily dairy delights. This can’t be alright, this all-white meal.

Tomatoes; peppers, lentils, salmon and ketchup, red wine to drink and strawberries for dessert. They cannot all be fed with this all-red meal.

Coloured pastas come next, green and red and black. Black pasta with squid ink and mussels. A pint of Guinness goes well with those mussels they say. Rich dark chocolate mouse to end. Followed by coffee. They say it is an aphrodisiac this all-black meal.

A brown Windsor soup to start, followed by beef with new potatoes and gravy. Crème brûlée so rich and creamy. A mug of milky tea washes it down. Cannot help but frown at this all-brown meal.

Today I wrote from 15:45 to 15:45. I was prompted by an idea here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here

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