Peach Coffee and Hazelnut Tea – Dead Deer

Peach Coffee and Hazelnut Tea

The milk has mint, the “speciali-tea” has the mint-milk and rosemary and for the kids? Sage-ade. The beards desperately long to be timeless but are oh-so achingly of their time.

Moka-almond-espresso-creamy-cookie-float, with added biscuits fingers and doritos. If some is good then more must be better, right? Coffee is water-weak and comes in buckets. An horrendous mix of many cultures and none. Who in their right minds wants breakfast cereal in an iced coffee? Yet they come. And the prices! A single bath of insipid coffee can set you back more than a meal.

Pity the poor sap, in desperate need of non-inebriating cheer after a long day, who pops into the bewilderingly decorated and overly-knowing café then shuffles to the counter with the words “A nice cup of tea, please.”

Some fucking luck

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