Elevator Love – Dead Deer

Elevator Love

Arriving home Mark entered the front room and was startled and concerned by what he saw.

“Claire! What on Earth…… CLAIRE!”

He rushed forward as she crashed to the floor with a sickening bump. Whilst a heavy landing this couldn’t, surely, be responsible for all the injuries he could see across his wife’s body. Her beautiful eyes were fuzzy, dazed and unfocussed.

“Mark,” she half whispered dreamily, concentrating hard, “Claire. Mark and Claire.”

“Yes love, that’s us. What? What happened? Where does it hurt?”

She smiled, and giggled. “Everywhere.”

“Had you tripped?” he asked, “You seemed to be in the air when I came in”

“Tripped…” she repeated, looking blankly far away. “Yes, I tripped. Then… then I was ….floating. I was thinking of…. of, oh….. who? Was it Jim? I don’t know a Jim. I was just thinking, do I know Jim? Who is Jim? Are you Jim? Who am I? I’ve forgotten again.”

“I’m calling an ambulance.” Mark stood up and pulled out his phone, “Well, yes there used to be a Jim out over the other side of the common. I haven’t thought of him for yea … Oh yes, ambulance please. Yes for my wife. My name?”

By now Claire’s name had well and truly escaped her and she’d left the floor a little, gently hovering, her crooked limbs gaining some rest bite as she floated upwards. Mark turned to look at her; something seemed odd. Is she? Yes she is! Dumbstruck he called out to her, long and slow he drew out her name.

Once more poor Claire crashed to the floor.

Today I wrote from 22:54 to 23:04. I was prompted by an idea here. My other writings here. All my prompted writing here, and my tweets here

If you are interested this old prompted writing came to me when I saw today’s prompt. Might make more sense of this one if you remember that one

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