Feb 15th – Loose laces and tight triumphs

February 15th – Loose laces and tight triumphs
Some Haikus

A long line of bikes
Parked in front of a café:
Triumphs packed in tight.

Gleaming polished chrome;
Aging rebels’ pride and joy
Sunday bikers’ ride.

A girl standing there,
Leaning in the doorway shade;
Cigarette dangling.

She wants just to ride;
Feel the wind blowing her hair;
Knows she’s not allowed.

Her time is not now:
She keeps secretly saving,
Café wages dream.

She’s no passenger:
She won’t sit with arms wrapped round;
Just another girl.

She is going to lead;
Taking corners near the ground,
Leathers aged by sun.

She has the jacket:
Loosely-laced sleeves, zip in front
Stretched across her chest.

Cigarette finished,
She returns to wiping down,
Serving others’ dreams.

Engines roar to life:
She watches from behind glass,
Dreaming highway dreams.


Inspired by a prompt from here

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