The order of things unseen

She liked everything to be in its place.  Just so.  In no other way, but the way it should be.  The only way.  To imagine someone coming in and moving things around – putting things in the wrong place, made her physically sick.  She never invites anyone around because of this.  She makes excuses to avoid it.  Not because she’s embarrassed.  She likes how things are and who she is.  Just so.  She just believes not everyone else would understand.  And again, to have someone mess up her order, would be torture.

She’s been this way since she was a little girl.  Something she’s taught herself to be.  Every book on a shelf was categorised to her method.  Just so.  Every teddy bear was sized-up, not only by its weight and height but, just so.

Her order protects her from being hurt.  And she happily chooses to have her order of things unseen.


Prompted by link.

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