Matches and Marbles – Dead Deer

Matches and Marbles

It isn’t a great idea really, in fact it is a rotten one. However you cannot help but understand their frustration and even admire their determination in trying to do something, even if it unwillingly became a self-defeating act.

Let us be frank and bold. The British, in line with all imperial nations, stole a lot of stuff. And for many it is still deeply troubling to have their country’s relics and symbols held in another country. Imagine if the Crown Jewels were in a museum in Adelaide or Berlin, or Managua, or Athens. Yes, Athens.

So after years and years of wrangling over the remarkable ancient Greek reliefs an agreement for an honourable return was not even on the distant horizon.

And so some bright desperate young intellectual Greek students decided to spark a protest. Their first act was to buy a box of matches.

The protest was effective in getting them noticed. The whole world noticed. The burning building in central London, the invaluable collection lost and the total destruction of those remarkable ‘Elgin’ marbles.

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Feb 17th – Tassel filled follies

folies bergere

February 17th – Tassel filled follies
En français pour la première fois

Elles ne portaient que des glands,
et des sequins,
Les filles aux Folies Bergère.
Et quand elles dansaient

les rêves des hommes
du siècle dernier
dansaient aussi.

Et pas seulement les hommes:
Les danseuses ont ouvert les yeux

des filles cyniques
qui ont vu cela
comme rien que du sexe

et les a fait penser

“Je peux faire ça:
Je peux posséder
mon propre corps
et danser comme
je veux danser.”

Et les filles en glands
et sequins
aux Folies Bergère,
lèvent leurs verres
et portent un toast
aux filles aux glands
et aux sequins
qui dansent chez elles

sur leur propre musique.
Inspired by a prompt from here